I think Mexican cooking is awesome. And that is why I opened Empellón Taqueria.  This simple sentiment defines Empellón and pushes us forward every day.

Being brought up in a home without a particular ethnic focus gave me the freedom to decide without bias what I love eating most. The more I tasted and learned about Mexican cooking the more space it began to occupy in the culinary cortex of my brain. It got to the point that I could not think about anything else and as illogical as it was I became preoccupied with the idea of opening a taqueria.  And then, I did.

We opened our doors on March 22nd, 2011 with the intention of treating tacos with a high level of respect and serving them in a fun environment.  Which is how I believe tacos should be enjoyed.  We designed the menu with the idea that most ingredients worth eating can benefit further by being placed atop a well-made tortilla.  We push our kitchen team to explore the ubiquitous flavors that we all love about Mexican cooking in this country as well as the less obvious ones that we all should love. Empellón approach to cuisine is informed by authenticity but is not limited by it.

- Alex Stupak