Push Project: Part III of a Series

Alex Stupak of Empellon & Chris Cosentino of Incanto Present Push Project III


"On May 14th 2012 I blasted a random tweet out into the world asking if anyone knew where I could score some pipichia. For those of you who do not know pipichia is a pungent Mexican herb thats rather obscure in my neck of the woods.

Only 4 days later I had some in my hands. It came from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and it was carried by Chef Chris Cosentino.

Chris Cosentino is an extremely busy guy. He runs two businesses (Incanto and Boccalone in SF), He’s a husband and a father and he manages to get himself on TV often. 

I bring all of that up not only because these accomplishments are amazing but even more so because he is the type of person that will take what little time that he does not have to help out a fellow Chef that he hasn’t even met yet.

From another chefs perspective this is exactly the type of person you want cooking for you. Generosity makes food taste better.

All I could do to thank Chris for the herbs was cook him a meal. Afterwards we had a drink and had the chance to discuss things that we have in common like growing up in New England and  oddly, cooking Mexican cuisine.

Over a year after we've met, Chris is doing me another favor". 

- Alex Stupak

On June 28th, The Push Project Presents part III of a Series:
Chris Cosentino and Alex Stupak will be preparing 8 courses.  We will offer two seatings for $150 per person (plus tax/gratuity).

- First Seating will be anytime between 6 & 7 PM
- Second Seating will be anytime between 8:30 & 10 PM

Location - Empellon Cocina, 105 1st Ave (btw 6th & 7th St)

For reservations, please fill out the form simply email tastings@empellon.com / call 212 367 0999.

Please Inquire here for reservations and please fill out your time preference

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